IT Service Delivery Business

- On Call or Token Service
- Off-shore & On-site support
- Contract to hire staffing
- Permanent Hire

Technical Resources

Microsoft, UNIX, LINUX, CISCO and etc...

Software Service

  1. Application Development & Maintenance

    - Application Design and Architecture
    - Application Code Fix
    - Application Enhancement
    - Application Development
    - Application Maintenance
    - Application Localization and Customization
    - Application Re-engineering
    - Application Integration

  2. Enterprise Application Solutions

    - Oracle Application Suite
    - SAP Applications Suite
    - OBIC Applications Suite

  3. Testing

    - Unit Testing
    - Functional Testing
    - Combination Testing
    - System Testing

  4. Embedded Technology

    - Mobile Phones
    - PDA
    - Engine Controls
    - ATM Machines
    - Computer peripherals
    - Telecommunications

  5. System Integration

    - Systems Design and
    - Quality Management 
      and Testing
    - Program and Project   Management
    - Enterprise Integration
    - Service-Oriented Architecture
    - Discover the Difference

Technical Resources

C#, VC/C++, UNIX C, VB, ASP, SQL, .NET, DELPHI, Power Builder, COBOL, JAVA, Other (PHP/PERL, Mainframe...)



Call Center

- Call Center System Support
- PABX System Support
- Office Space and other support
- Call Agent Management
- Quality Control


Mandarin / English / Japan / Korean Language support, Microsoft Techinical, CISCO, and etc.

Infrastructure Solution

- Messaging and Collaboration
- Storage Solutions
- Mobility Solutions
- Security Solutions
- Network Infrastructure Solutions
- Server Migration
- Cabling Solutions

ITIL Training

- Positioning IT Service Management
- IT Services Culture and introducing a Customer Focus
- ITIL and Quality Management
- Basic concepts & Principles
- What new in ITIL V3
- Service Strategy Module
- Service Design Module
- Service Transition Module
- Service Operation Module
- Continual Service Improvement Module

Marketing Solution

We implement website development and media technologies to provide comprehensive services for our clients to construct their brand. At the very beginning of our clients’ net marketing schedule, we provide detailed net marketing consulting and planning, help construct the unique image that best suits the attributes of our client.